Highlights of cricket matches are pretty well received among the cricket lovers of the country. With the T20 cricket season on with the IPL, generally there are two T20 matches held in a day; these calls for the need of T20 highlights especially for the cricket lovers who fail to find time out of their busy schedule to watch the matches live. The need for T20 World Cup highlights goes up especially during the World Cup season when it's almost impossible for office goers to spare even a minute before the television screen. They can return after a hard day's work and set their eyes on the World Cup Twenty20 highlights. This allows them to go through the day's games and have a glimpse of it as well.

With the Twenty20 World Cup nearing this September, the hype is increasing every day. Even though people know that they might be missing most of the matches live still their excitement about the game is unparallel; yet they know that T20 World Cup 2012 highlights is what they'll get to see back from work. The best part about cricket highlights is the fact that they don't get stale even if they grow old; you will always enjoy any World Twenty20 2012 highlights during any time of the day owing to the entertainment that T20 cricket provides. There are people who are heard to say that T20 video highlights are what have kept them alive in the World of cricket amidst tremendous workload and pressure.

World Twenty20 Highlights

Highlights : West Indies vs Sri Lanka Final T20 - Colombo

Highlights : West Indies vs Australia 2nd Semi Final T20 - Colombo

Highlights : Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 1st Semi Final T20 - Colombo

Highlights : India vs South Africa 24th T20 - Colombo

Highlights : Australia vs Pakistan 23rd T20 - Colombo

Highlights : Sri Lanka vs England 22nd T20 - Kandy

Highlights : West Indies vs New Zealand 21st T20 - Kandy

Highlights : Pakistan vs India 20th T20 - Colombo

Highlights : Australia vs South Africa 19th T20 - Colombo

Highlights : Sri Lanka vs West Indies 18th T20 - Kandy